Cliff Schult

My dad was the inspiration that started me in the direction of rebuilding cars. He was a true greaser, blue jeans, white T-shirt with a pack of Camel non-filters rolled up in the sleeve. Hair greased back in a DA, with a touch of Vaseline. He was and still is my inspiration. Way before I could see over the fender, Dad had me working with him. He would put me on his back, put my toes in his back pockets and let me hang around his neck while he worked under the hood. He taught me the pride of doing a good job and the thrill of horsepower. He had a 1955 Ford pickup short bed step side with a chopped top. The back window only measured 3 inches tall, but it was powered with a Lincoln motor and four on the floor. I learned to appreciate and respect horsepower even in my younger years.

My mother taught me how to sew, so I can do all of my own upholstery work. This is how I can do custom upholstery without spending a lot of money. Plus, you have the pride of completing the entire car with very little help. My mother taught me to look at things in a positive way. She said if your mind can conceive it then you can achieve it, always giving me positive inspiration for whatever I tried to do. Therefore, I can take something that some people would throw away as junk and turn it into something I am proud to build.

Later, I went to work in a body shop where I learned to do paint and body work. The owner of the body shop’s father took me under his wing personally. He taught me not only paint and body work, but to take pride in everything you do.

 I am able to perform all the different phases of building the car: upholstery work, frame work, sheet metal work, body work, suspension, drivetrain and paint. I am thankful to all the people that influenced me and helped me to achieve my goals for building custom and classic cars.

Enough talk, let’s look at the pictures and finish the project we are on.




*Special thank you to Sherman and Woody Adcock for helping me with the engines and transmissions. They saved me a lot of money and time.